[NEWS] 130528 Lee Hyori vs. CL | “Bad Girls” vs. “The Baddest Female”!


SBS E Entertainment News via Nate News:

The Old Music Sexy Icon Lee Hyori. and the Baddest Female Lee Chae Rin. They were right, this is an interesting showdown. It’s hotter than any other competition!

As it happens both of them are “Bad Girls” as the public says. “Bad Girl” is appealing to the music fans that travels without spirit like a hot scorch!

The sexy icon Lee Hyori comes back after 3 years. She has released the “MONOCHROME” Album last May 21 with the Title Track “Bad Girls”. She appears on music programs as active and seasoned with seunsuality and comfort. The music is also good,sweeping all various online music sites and real time charts.

Lee Hyori’s “Bad Girl” directly shows that girls who are honest to their guys look like bad girls in reality. So Lee Hyori’s maturity and seasoned on hospitality, the aura of her own sexy image will be a maze because of 2NE1’s Leader CL. Lee Hyori is the best sexy singer but CL’s Solo Activities will give the feeling of another anticipation.

Debuted 4 years ago, and now CL’s Solo Debut was announced to be on May 28! Unveiling her first solo song in four years. The first solo song is entitled “Nappeun Gijibe”, when released in foreign countries it will be named as “The Baddest Female”.
CL’s Solo Song is expected to show her powerful charisma on stage that she embraces like one of her usual songs. Ahead of the Announcements, CL shows her strong sexy military woman image on her 2nd Teaser Photo.
In addition to this, CL went to Japan to take private choreography lessons. The people’s enthusiam grows more and more when they knew about this information.

Lee Hyori, CL these 2 artists who has the same “Bad Girl” image “dropped the name alone that helped people focus their attention to them and not to the other atists. Along with the promotions and activities, this will surely boost their popularity. And 2 major singers baddest female identity is really interesting to talk about” the people said.

These 2 girls, both armed but sexy. Sexiness that they express way different from each other. As the years passed Lee Hyori who is in her 30’s can show her sexiness to inspire the CL who is in her 20’s.CL asked the confrontation of Lee Hyori herself.

Source: Nate News

Translated by: iamjaaadie@CLISTHEBUSINESS

Some parts edited by: ShrimpLjy@CLISTHEBUSINESS

Please take full credits when you post this translation to other sites ^_~


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